Journey of a New Entrepreneur

103 - Love your business with Meaghan Likes!

July 25, 2021

I asked Meaghan to tell me a little about herself and this is what she said:


“I teach small business owners how to set up, clean up and keep up their own books. Quickly and Easily.

I take the fear OUT of finances and teach you how to know your own numbers.

I make other accountants and CPAs jobs easier.

And most importantly, I will educate and empower you to go run a more profitable and rewarding business.

The icing on the top? Thanks to Quickbooks Online's awesome technology.... I will teach you how to do your own bookkeeping like a PROFESSIONAL in less than 1 hour per month!

To do this, I created an online, on demand, resource for small business owners looking to learn how to do their own bookkeeping quickly and easily.

I recently realized I have been teaching hundreds of small business owners the same thing over and over again for over a decade. And I no longer have capacity to do these trainings one-on-one.

So in 2018 I began recording my trainings, hired a professional curriculum designer, and tested and validated the course with small business owners across the US.

My new business, Bookkeeping Academy Online allows me to help MORE business owners learn at their own pace, on their own schedule for their businesses, without having to travel away from their desks.

We are not your typical boring accountants and this course is not designed to teach you accounting. We make bookkeeping FUN.

And we will teach you how to do your own bookkeeping quickly and easily while speaking your language.

To learn more about our course go to

Happy Bookkeeping Friends!”




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