Journey of a New Entrepreneur

081 -25 Year Old with a Seven Figure Company!

September 7, 2020

Wesley Bloeme is an impressive and inspirational man.  He started his business on a whim while in highschool and now runs a Million Dollar Business at age 25!  He shares his amazing story so make sure to grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride!



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 Want to know how I'm running my business? Here are a few services that help me run and automate my business:


-Responsibid - Simply put...Responsibid makes us a TON of money and it's the single most important tool in our business.  All of our quotes go through it, it follows up with my prospects, it sells jobs on my website while I'm asleep, it intelligently schedules on our calendar, and follows up with previous customers keeping them coming back over and over, and does a lot more.  JNE listeners get an EXCLUSIVE offer that you can't get ANYWHERE ELSE.  Sign up using the JNE link and get a free month of service, AND save on your monthly rate!  Check it out at


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